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Ankündigung IKN Kolloquium:

Hans J. Markowitsch (Universität Bielefeld):
Episodic-autobiographical memory in health and disease
Host: Sen Cheng

Dienstag, 21. Oktober, 6 pm


Klausureinsicht Evolution & Emotion und Biopsychologie:

Am Dienstag den 21.10. besteht um 10:00 s.t. die Möglichkeit zur Klausureinsicht für die Klausuren Evolution & Emotion und Biopsychologie (Nachschreibtermin) im Biopsychologie-Seminarraum (GAFO 05/425).

Studenten, die Einsicht in ihre Klausur erhalten möchten, schicken bitte eine E-mail mit Namen und Matrikelnummer an:

Aus organisatorischen Gründen ist eine Teilnahme nur mit vorheriger Anmeldung möglich.


Vortragsreihe RDN - colloquium of the Research Department of Neuroscience:

Prof. Dr. Robert Kumsta (Genetic Psychology, RUB):
Biological Embedding of Experience – Investigation of gene expression profiles and DNA methylation in the context of stress and trauma

Montag, 27. Oktober, 4 - 6 pm (GAFO 03/252)


Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Fakultät für Psychologie
AE Biopsychologie
GAFO 05/618
D-44780 Bochum

Phone: +49 - 234 - 32 - 28213
Fax: +49 - 234 - 32 - 14377


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IMPRessions from the DGPs congress on provides information on the brain, its functions and its importance to our feelings, thoughts and actions - comprehensive, readable, attractive and clearly in words, pictures and sound. This time, the online magazine informs about the 49th Congress of the German Society for Psychology (DGPs) in Bochum. This year's motto was "Diversity of Psychology". At the same time the Institute of Psychology was celebrating its 50th anniversary. Learn more about envy, nuts and more and see the video here.  


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dasGehirn.INFO informs about FOR 1581

The online magazine informs the reader about findings of brain research in an entertaining and comprehensive way. In cooperation with the research groups FOR 1581 and SFB 636 they present extinction learning as one of the most exciting current research topics between mind and brain. As old knowledge is persistent - especially under stress -, the initial process of acquisition of new knowledge is well studied, but the process of extinction is far less understood. Read more.


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Onur Güntürkün started his fellowship at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin and Martina Manns substitutes him during WS 2014/15

Onur Güntürkün will stay from October 2014 to April 2015 in Berlin Grunewald together with about 50 other researchers from all over the world to think deeply about scientific problems. During this time, he wants to explore if it is possible that the capacity for complex cognition arose several times during evolution such that groups of non-mammalian animals might have developed as-yet unknown brain mechanisms that generate intelligent behavior.  His ideas may contribute to developing a new theory of the evolution of brains and complex cognitive abilities.
In the meantime during WS 2014/15, Martina Manns acts for a substitute professor of the Biopsychology. Apart from taking over teaching, she will pursue investigating development of cerebral asymmetries in pigeons to unravel the interactions of left- and right-hemispheric specialization processes.


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How white matter influences functional asymmetry

Structural asymmetries in white matter tracts within the language system have been suggested to be one of the factors underlying functional language lateralization. To test this assumption, researchers from Bergen, Norway, and the biopsychology lab in Bochum examined how performance in the dichotic listening task is affected the structure of the arcuate and uncinate fasciculus, assessed with DTI. Both arcuate and uncinate fasciculus had a larger tract volume in the left compared to the right hemisphere, but fractional anisotropy was higher in the right than in the left arcuate fasciculus. Interestingly, structural asymmetries were linked to functional lateralization, that is, tract volume and fractional anisotropy of the left arcuate fasciculus were positively correlated to the strength of functional language lateralization, as was the volume of the right uncinate fasciculus. These results suggest that both micro- and macro-structural properties of language-relevant intrahemispheric white matter tracts modulate the behavioral correlates of language lateralization.

Ocklenburg, S., Schlaffke, L., Hugdahl, K., Westerhausen, R. (2014). From structure to function in the lateralized brain: How structural properties of the arcuate and uncinate fasciculus are associated with dichotic listening performance. Neuroscience Letters, 580: 32-36.


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PhD Thesis – Nils Kasties

On Friday the 11th of July 2014 Nils Kasties defended his PhD thesis entitled „Neuronal foundations of decision making in the pigeon nidopallium caudolaterale”. …And what a defense it was!!! Nils presented two major experiments and perfectly embedded them into the current literature. In the end, he was able to integrate his findings into a model of decision making in the avian forebrain. Afterwards, Nils bravely and successfully defended his arguments for a full hour against a whole barrage of counterarguments until the members of committee were exhausted and were just yearning for sparkling wine and party.  But before the party could start, members of the committee unanimously decided to award Nils the title Dr. rer. nat. Congratulations Nils! We are proud of you. In the picture you can see Nils with his two advisors on his PhD-cart with which he was drawn back to the lab.


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