Biopsychology as part of the cognitive neurosciences explores the foundations of human experience and behaviour. Therein our international team of psychologists, biologists, biochemists and neuroscientists applies a broad spectrum of scientific methods in humans and the pigeon a complex animal model. This includes behavioural, anatomical, neurochemical, neuroendocrinological and electrophysiological techniques.

Our research interests lie mainly in the exploration of the neuronal basis of cerebral asymmetries and the functions of the prefrontal cortex.

The prefrontal cortex is a complex brain structure that is involved in organising the multitude of our perceptions, thoughts and actions. Moreover, it plays an important role for planning and executing actions and is crucial for the perception of time. In our research projects we investigate the neuronal processes underlying these fundamental functions of the prefrontal cortex.
Cerebral asymmetries form a fundamental but poorly understood principle of brain architecture. The right and left hemispheres are differently organised and hence exert different functions for the mediation of behaviour, higher mental processes, and cognition. We explore how cerebral asymmetries emerge, which role they play for cognitive brain functions and what gender specific differences occur.