New Bidirectional DAAD PhD Programme

„Neurocognition: Foundations and clinical processes“

The Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience offers a new PhD exchange programme between Bochum (Germany), Padua / Trento (Italy) and Izmir (Turkey). This program provides an international research and career network with an emphasis on "Dopamine and Learning" and "Cerebral Asymmetries". It includes:

  • (Co)-Supervision by two researchers from different countries.
  • Bi-directional visits to ensure optimal supervision.
  • Annual meetings for all members during a spring / autumn school.
  • Research courses in all labs.
  • Participation at the IGSN PhD programme.

Participating labs


Ruhr-University Bochum:


University of Trento:

University of Padova:


Ege University:


Anna Ball

For further questions, please contact:

First DAAD Autumn School Montegrotto (18.-20.10.2008)