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Fatma Öksüz

Ruhr-University Bochum
Fakultät für Psychologie
AE Biopsychologie
D-44780 Bochum, Germany

Room: IB 6-105
Phone: +49 234 32 24328

Fax: +49 234 32 14377



Curriculum Vitae

Since 2022 PhD Student at the Department of Biopsychology, Ruhr-University Bochum
2020 – 2022 Research Assistant at the Department of Biopsychology, Ruhr-University Bochum
2018 – 2022 M.Sc. in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience, Ruhr-University Bochum
2012 – 2015 Research Assistant at the Memory Clinic Basel, Felixplatterspital, Switzerland
2011 Research internship at the Memory Clinic Basel, Universitätsspital Basel, Switzerland
2008 – 2015 Studies in Psychology, specializing in neuropsychology and clinical psychology, University of Bern, Switzerland
2007 Research Assistant in the lab of Dr. James E. Carr of applied behavioral analysis at Western Michigan University, MI (USA)
2007 Clinical internship at the Clinic for Autism, Kalamazoo, MI (USA)
2006 Clinical internship at the Croyden Avenue School, Kalamazoo, MI (USA)
2005 – 2007 B.Sc. in Psychology, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI (USA)
2002 – 2004 Associates Degree in Arts and Science at Lake Michigan College, Benton Harbor, MI (USA)


Research Interests

  • Cognition and behaviour
  • Comparative analysis of behaviour and neuroanatomy
  • Anatomy and function of the hippocampus


Publication List

  • Anselme, P., Wittek, N., Oeksuez, F., & Güntürkün, O. (2022). Overmatching under food uncertainty in foraging pigeons. Behavioural Processes, 104728.
  • Wittek, N., Oeksuez, F., Güntürkün, O., & Anselme, P. (2022). More opportunities to peck for identical food availability increases foraging efficiency in pigeons. Behaviour1(aop), 1-24.  
  • Wittek, N., Matsui, H., Kessel, N., Oeksuez, F., Güntürkün, O., & Anselme, P. (2021). Mirror selfrecognition in pigeons: Beyond the pass-or-fail criterion. Frontiers in Psychology, 12.
  • Krumm, S., Hermann, R., Oeksuez, F., Monsch, A. U., Stippich, C., Kressig, R. W., & Taylor, K. I. (2017). Cortical Thickness of Medial Perirhinal Cortex Predicts Verbal Semantic Fluency Performance for Living Things. Medicine, 256, 240-6.
  • Hirni, D. I., Kivisaari, S. L., Krumm, S., Monsch, A. U., Berres, M., Oeksuez, F., ... & Taylor, K. I. (2016). Neuropsychological markers of medial perirhinal and entorhinal cortex functioning are impaired twelve years preceding diagnosis of Alzheimer’s dementia. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 52(2), 573-580.






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