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M.Sc. Guillermo Hidalgo Gadea

...Ruhr University Bochum
Fakultät für Psychologie
AE Biopsychologie
D-44780 Bochum, Germany

Room: IB 6-95
Phone: +49 234 32 28232
Fax: +49 234 321 4377

Twitter: @G_HidalgoGadea
GitLab: @hidalggc
GitHub: Guillermo-Hidalgo-Gadea

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2020 PhD Student at the Department of Biopsychology, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
November 2019 Master Thesis: Human and Non-Human Primates undergo Similar Interferences in Quantity Representation during Spontaneous Food Choices (Dr. Gema Martin-Ordas)
2018 – 2019 M.Sc. in Psychological Research Methods, University of Stirling, Scotland
June 2017 Bachelor Thesis: Fatigue detection based on multimodal biosignal processing (Dr. Christian Vorstius)
2013 – 2017 B.Sc. in Psychology, University of Wuppertal, Germany
2011 – 2013 B.Sc. in Physics, Technical University of Dortmund, Germany
June 2011 Abitur, Deutsche Schule Barcelona, Spain


Methods and Skills

  • Behavioral experiments
  • Statistical Analysis and Modelling
  • Programming languages: R, Python, Matlab
  • Machine Learning

Research Interests

  • Comparative Cognition
  • Behavioral Ecology
  • Embodied Cognition
  • Agency in Birds


Full publication list

  • Hidalgo-Gadea, G., Kreuder, A., Krajewski, J., & Vorstius, C. (2021). Towards better microsleep predictions in fatigued drivers: exploring benefits of personality traits and IQ. Ergonomics, 64 (6), 778-792.
  • Hidalgo-Gadea, G., Kreuder, A., Stahlschmidt, C., Schnieder, S., & Krajewski, J. (2019). Brute Force ECG Feature Extraction Applied on Discomfort Detection. In E. Pietka, P. Badura, J. Kawa, & W. Wieclawek (Eds.), Information Technology in Biomedicine (Vol. 762, pp. 365–376). Springer International Publishing.
  • Jansen, M. T., Jansen, N. C., Weber, A., Hidalgo-Gadea, G., Ansari, E., & Scheren, P. (2017). Semantic Priming with Homonymous Nouns: Hints of Clarifying the Issue of Selective vs. Non-Selective Priming. Journal of European Psychology Students, 8(1), 15–29.
  • Schuller, B., Steidl, S., Batliner, A., Bergelson, E., Krajewski, J., Janott, C., Amatuni, A., Casillas, M., Seidl, A., Soderstrom, M., Warlaumont, A. S., Hidalgo-Gadea, G., Schnieder, S., Heiser, C., Hohenhorst, W., Herzog, M., Schmitt, M., Qian, K., Zhang, Y., … Zafeiriou, S. (2017). The INTERSPEECH 2017 Computational Paralinguistics Challenge: Addressee, Cold & Snoring. Interspeech 2017, 3442–3446.


  • Hidalgo-Gadea, G. (2020). Ecological Implications of Magnitude Interferences in Quantity Discriminations. Research Colloquium of the Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, University of Bonn.
  • Hidalgo-Gadea, G. (2019). Cognitive Magnitude Interferences in Spontaneous Food Choices. International Student Symposion for the Study of Animal Behavior and Cognition, Kyoto University.
  • Hidalgo-Gadea, G., & Martin-Ordas, G. (2019). Spontaneous Numerical Cognition in human and non-human Primates. Primate Society of Great Britain Spring Meeting.
  • Hidalgo-Gadea, G. (2019). Human and Chimpanzee Strategies in Spontaneous Quantitative Cognition. Scottish Primate Research Group Spring Meeting.
  • Hidalgo-Gadea, G. (2018). Brute Force ECG Feature Extraction Applied on Discomfort Detection. 6th International Conference on Information Technologies in Biomedicine, Poland.
  • Hidalgo-Gadea, G. (2015). Validität und Usability von Wearables. 11. Berliner Werkstatt Mensch-Maschine-Systeme, TU Berlin.





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