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Lateralisation of magnetic compass orientation

Asymmetry of kissing

A new understanding of vertebrate brain evolution

Neural representation of subjective values

Left-sided visuospatial bias in birds

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Hebbian learning biases attentional selection

Reply: Robins have a magnetic compass in both eyes

Oxytocin: the monogamy hormone?

Handedness: a neurogenetic shift of perspective

Ontogenesis of language lateralization

Whistled Turkish

Laterality and mental disorders in the postgenomic age

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Cognition without cortex

Orthographic Processing in Pigeons

Ontogenesis of lateralization

Where handedness starts

How birds outperform humans

Beyond the Genome

A novel region for mate choice in female zebra finches

commissural control

Cortical dendritic
structure predicts IQ

Neurite architecture
predicts auditory
speech processing

How foraging works

It still hurts: The long shadow of childhood maltreatment


The surprising power of the animal mind


Brain lateralization: The comparative perspective


Classifying neocortical cell types


fMRI of awake behaving pigeons at 7T


Reward prediction errors during extinction learning


A cortex-like canonical circuit in the avian forebrain